"I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become."
- Carl Gustav Jung
Existential life-coaching
In my role as an existential life coach, I offer support during life's complex phases: my approach ranges from providing a steadying presence in your challenging times to guiding you through an extensive journey of personal reconstruction.

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Career counselling
It's remarkable how understanding your strengths and values can enhance your love for your work and guide you in making the right career decisions.

Consider this as your personal professional compass for life.

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  • 1
    Higher psychological education
    Integrated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program, Specialisation in 'Emergency Psychology'

    Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Psychology in collaboration with the Emergency Psychological Assistance Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (2008 - 2013).

    Qualification: Psychologist, Psychology Teacher.
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    Higher psychological education
    Master of Counselling with a primary specialization in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT, REBT & ACT) - Monash University, Singapore (2020)."
  • 3
    Long-term psychotherapy programs (higher psychological education)
    Joint Master of Science in Existential Analysis and Psychotherapy Diploma in Existential Analysis - The University of Salzburg, Austria and GLE-International (2022 - 2026)

    Basic Course in the Viennese School of Existential Analysis by Alfried Längle - GLE-International (2019 - 2022).
  • 4
    HR & career coaching
    Professional Retraining Diploma in Human Resources Management - Institute of Practical Psychology, Higher School of Economics (2014).

    Career Counseling: Existential-Analytical Approach - GLE-International (2020).
  • 5
    Coaching - ICTP diploma
    International Level Professional Coach Program (accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)) - CoachingUp University (2020 - 2021).
  • 6
    Additional trainings
    Professional Development in Technologies of Psychological Correction of Psychosomatic Diseases (2020).

    First Level in Gestalt Therapy - Moscow Gestalt Institute (2012).
Existential life-coaching
changes come to those who are ready
What is existential coaching?
Like any other coaching, it is about bringing change to your life and achieving your personal goals. But with existential coaching we slightly change the perspective, making the process more authentic, meaningful and enjoyable.

Existential life coaching encourages you to:
  • Find a place for yourself in the world.
  • Embrace what you can do and what you enjoy.
  • Recognise your inherent rights and see purpose in your actions.
How it works?
Life coaching from an existential perspective enhances personal growth by:
  • Implementing tangible changes in your life.
  • Identifying and working towards your authentic goals.
  • Helping you realize your personal and professional potential.
  • Facilitating the formation of new neural connections.

Existential life coaching allows you to confront and reconcile your internal struggles with external realities, empowering you to navigate your unique path and live with authenticity and purpose.

Career counselling

combination of career coaching techniques and existential analysis
Career Consultations: What is it?
A consultation will help you clarify your values and strengths, analyze your past experiences, and build fitting career opportunities.

This won't involve orientation tests or resume-building, though those can be arranged if needed.
What is your approach?
After graduating with a degree in psychology, I furthered my education in human resources and personnel management. I then spent several years working in HR, both within a company and later in consulting, where I implemented a major career and succession management project for a Russian state corporation.

With additional education in career counseling using an existential-analytical approach, I combined therapeutic methods with my previous experience in career development.

This allows me to merge in my consultations:

  • An understanding of corporate processes, including how to speak the language of benefit in a business environment, how to position oneself as an expert, and which skills and competencies are necessary for different positions;
  • A personalized approach within the scope of existential analysis, where we discuss how to structure your professional activities based on your strengths and values.
What kind of questions can I bring to a career consultation?
  • I don't know what I want in my career and professional development. I don't know where my place is in work and life. I don't understand what to rely on when making decisions.
  • Which profession should I choose? What kind of career transition would be most successful for me?
  • I no longer like my job, what happened? Can anything be changed or should I look for something new?
  • My profession is no longer in demand in the market, how can I transform my skills?
  • In which tasks am I more efficient, and which ones are better delegated?
  • I want to change my profession, but I'm not sure if it's right for me or I don't know how.
  • I want to discover my true career path.
  • What should I do after maternity leave?
  • Where should I study? What kind of primary or additional education should I get?
  • I want to go freelance, but I'm scared.
  • I'm experiencing burnout.
Formats of Work and Pricing
To schedule a session, please reach out to us through our contact information. We look forward to assisting you on your personal or career development journey.
Individual Coaching Sessions
50 min - 90 CHF
These are one-on-one online coaching sessions tailored specifically to your goals and needs. The duration and frequency of sessions can be customized based on your preferences and availability.
Career Counseling
75 min - 120 CHF
We offer video-based career counseling sessions that allow you to discuss and explore various aspects of your career path and professional self-identity.
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